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After being in severe back pain for almost 2 years I made an appointment with him and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After getting multiple tests done, we found that the best way to stabilize my spine was to do a spinal fusion. I was extremely nervous for the procedure, but Dr. Etminan took his time to explain and reassure me. He has wonderful bedside manners and was there every step of the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has been suffering from back pain. His skill and knowledge of newly innovated procedures is impeccable. I appreciate everything he has done for me and feel so blessed to finally have found a surgeon that gave me so much care.

Sabine Twardowski

2 years post surgery:

Prior to surgery, I had excruciating pain in my legs and numbness in my feet. I am completely back to normal, it’s almost as though it never happened. (Anterior Fusion)

Laura Yarber

5 Months Post Surgery:

Prior to the surgery, I thought I was going to die or be paralyzed. I could not move and I was emotionally drained. Now, after the surgery, I feel like a new man! I can walk and do things I use to do.

Nimesh Patel

1 Month Post Surgery:

I was in severe pain in my left thigh and could not walk or stand for more than a minute without leaning on something or bending over. Post surgery I am pain-free, can walk, and ride a bicycle. I can also sleep without pain. This surgery has changed my mood from one of depression to joy! (L3-4 Anterior and Posterior Fusion)

Mickey Altman

A Huge Thank you to Dr Etminan. In December of 2015 my back pain got to the point I couldn’t walk. After many Dr. Visits I had no relief in sight. Dr Etiminan was able to see me in early January 2016. He was very instrumental in getting my insurance to approve surgery. To put it in terms I understand, I had a back disc that was completely blown out. I was rushed into surgery and had 4 screws and 2 rods put in my back.

Dr Etiminan gave me my life back. Within a month I was up to walking 2 miles twice daily, I began to slowly do what I love Best. At 1 month I did my first wading on Aransas Bay. On March 14th my wife and I waded and caught limits of trout on Copano Bay. And almost to the day 5 months out I was on Panama and caught a Large tuna on light tackle. Today I am back to doing the hobbies I Love. Dr. Etiminan thank you for the personal attention, the highly skilled surgery, and a new way of Life!

Michael W

2 months post surgery

Before Dr. Etminan performed the surgery I was in excruciating pain and could not stand or walk without shooting pains. I now can walk around my block twice with no pain or numbness at all.

Ashley Higgs

He can do miracles. The best there is!

Had back pain, went to see doctor Etminan. He did surgery on me, had a bone rupture, nerve almost cut in half, bad disk. After surgery, I felt no pain like nothing ever happened. I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone with back pain.

Wesley K

Thanks to Dr. Etminan, after 5 years of chronic back pain, I am pain-free. He’s the best. I tell all my old football colleagues he’s the doctor to see. Also, he’s caring, dedicated, and professional. (Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2003)

Elvin Bethea

Dr. E has helped me several times over the years. After my most recent episode, I feel GREAT!

Gary Raybon

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