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At the Complete Spine Center, we aim to change the conversation about the treatment of spinal pathology. Historically, surgical or interventional treatment of spinal pathology was understood as a treatment of last resort. In the past, our recommendation was to live with your symptoms until you can no longer tolerate the symptoms. With new understanding and experience using the patient’s own stem cells, we are able to change that conversation completely. Stem cells allow healing and repair of some degenerated lumbar discs. It is no longer the case that this is a procedure that should be saved as a last resort.

In our experience and based on published literature, stem cells actually can decrease certain patient’s pain for a prolonged period of time by using their reparative ability. One can theorize that they help heal areas of discs that are causing pain. Once these areas heal, they no longer cause pain. The effects, unlike that of steroid injections and other such modalities, can last for years.

Our surgical and invasive procedures mainly address the issues of disc degeneration and pain generated by painful discs by changing your anatomy. These procedures address the arthritic joint or motion segment by removing it, taking the movement away. Although these surgeries definitely continue to have a role and are routinely used in our practice, they have the potential to cause other problems over time. The surgeries have inherent risks and complications and long recovery times. With the use of stem cells, we can try to heal the abnormal levels so that they can continue with their function without pain.

Unfortunately stems cells are cannot be used to treat all problems such as severe narrowing of the spinal canal, instability, scoliosis, disc herniations with pinched nerves, or fractures. They are however an incredibly valuable tool that creates a completely new treatment option for patients with chronic back pain that can potentially rid years of back pain.

The procedure is an out-patient procedure with 3-5 days of recovery.

Your Guide to a Better Recovery

The following pages are designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your planned spine procedure. Not all the information in the guide is relevant to every patient, so please discuss specific questions with our team.

It is our hope that this guide is helpful for you and your loved ones as you plan for surgery, postsurgery rehabilitation and recovery. Our team looks forward to providing you with spine surgery services.

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