What is Stem Cell Therapy For?

Most Americans experience back pain at some time in their lives. In fact, a majority of all Americans will miss work sometime in their lives due to disc herniations and back pain.

Additionally a great number of people will experience knee pain and shoulder pain for which Stem Cell Injections Therapy may help as well.


What are the other options?

Current traditional medical treatment for low back pain and herniated discs include exercise, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, pain medications, and therapeutic injections. Treatments like these are aimed at maximizing function, and returning the patient to as normal a life as possible. In some severe cases, an invasive surgery like spinal fusion is recommended, which requires general anesthesia and long-term rehabilitation. And in many cases, ongoing pain remains.


What is the Stem Cell Option?

Many current researchers believe stem cells for back pain likely hold the key to successful recovery.

Patients now have a minimally invasive option. Stem cell therapy for back pain, for shoulder pain or knee pain can potentially repair the damaged disc or restore function, and ultimately alleviate chronic pain.


Am I Candidate for Stem Cell Treatment?

A suitable candidate for stem cells for back pain is someone who suffers from a painful disc or facet injury from age, overuse, trauma, or debilitating conditions.


What is the cost?

Depending on  the health and age of the patient there are 2 options. For $2500 we would take stem cells from the patients own bone marrow, taken from the pelvis and use those for injection.

If the patient is older or has other health concerns, we would use donor stem cells at a cost of $3500.